The Economist’s Fifth Annual Innovation Awards Ceremony

Happened today 9th Nov in London’s Science Museum. Some notable highlights:

Sam Pitroda, Chairman of WorldTel and The National Knowledge Commission, India, being recognised for his achievements as a telecoms inventor, entrepreneur and policymaker: giving a particularly impassioned and inspirational speech about his work with India’s telecoms under Rajiv Gandhi, the development of India over the last 20 years and about planting the seeds for a new explosion in India’s development for the next 20 years. And being refused his coat by the cloakroom attendant because he didn’t have his ticket. To be fair, she was only doing her job… but even so.

Janus Friis of Skype announcing that it is “really fucking cool to get this award from the Economist”. Can’t wait to see how they report this in the magazine.

Hernando De Soto, Chairman for the Institute of Liberty and Democracy explaining the need for co-operation in all innovative efforts: co-operation that has to be founded on the rule of law and strong property rights – things that first worlders take for granted.

And last, but not least, John Micklethwait and Tom Standage of the Economist looking incredibly young. You know how they say that you know you’re getting old when policemen start looking young …. you really know you’re getting old when the guys who run the Economist start looking young 🙂


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