A Greener Commute, Day 1

I’ve bought an electric scooter to commute from home to the station. A ScootElectric EVT 4000e. Today was my first attempt on the road.Even getting to this point has been a bit of a mission. First the scooter had to be delivered from somewhere around Bath which was underwater at the time. Then the delivery van that was supposed to be delivering the last few miles from the dealership to me had problems. Then I couldn’t figure out how to attach the tax disc. Tax on electric scooters is free but you still need a tax disc (and those of us who have only ever driven cars take a windscreen for granted). Finally, getting insurance took over a week. Only one company I came across would cover an electric scooter.

So today I finally get to put it through its paces. I got to the station in one piece, which is a good start. But at a max speed of under 25 mph on the flat I arrived about 3 minutes too late for my train and am writing this blog entry while waiting for the next one.

Some you win, some you lose.




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