There Is Always More Change Management To Do

The Economist on 11 August has a feature on the uptake of roundabouts in the USA.

Apparently roundabouts are safer (less misjudged left-hand turns, or right-hand turns in the UK), cheaper (no traffic lights), more fuel efficient (cars only need to stop if there is traffic coming onto the roundabout).

What has this to do with a blog on e-auctions and enterprise software? Anyone who has attempted to implemented ERP software or eSourcing software will recognise the issues knows that getting users to adopt new technology can be a very long, hard, drawn-out process. It’s heartening to remember that exactly the same change management issues can occur in all kinds of areas – not just software. According to The Economist:

In Deepest Washington state, trouper Dusty Pierpont stands in front of a roundabout trying to persuade motorists to like them. Washington started building roundabouts in 1997. By 2001 there were 17; now there are over 100, according to Brian Walsh of the state’s transport department. But trooper Pierpont is still needed to soothe those first-time (or even tenth-time) nerves.

Sound familiar?


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