Couldn’t go to ProcureTech Live. How was it?

I had been looking forwards to attending ProcureTech Live, both because of the subject matter being covered and to check out the possibilities of this kind of virtual world for future conferences. Unfortunately I am running one of my e-auction game workshops at CIPS South Yorkshire branch today so am on a train all day. So although i’ll be able to replay the events later on, I’ll miss out on the fun of experiencing Second Life cum eWorld, and am not going to get a chance to get my paws on an Ariba Branded iPod.

I’m writing this on the train up to Sheffield and thought I’d see for fun how far I can get with my XDA Orbit. The System Check passes the following checks: Javascript, IE6.0/Firefox1.5, cookies. A big no, though, for pop-up blockers being enabled and for the Flash plug-in. Unfortunately I can’t figure out a way of changing security settings on the XDA, and Adobe doesn’t have a suitable Flash player for me, so I’ll have to miss the day and catch up on the events later.

How was it? Is it the future of conferences?



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