Vista not all that bad

At TradingPartners UK we recently did a mass upgrade of laptops from XP/Office 2003 to Vista/Office 2007.

And you know what? Vista has been ok. Most of my colleagues have turned off most of the “cool” Aero features and set their PCs to work at maximum performance. I’ve found the startup is not superfast and Outlook 2007 can take a while to start, but overall it’s faster than my old PC, and it costs less than my old PC did.

The gripes I’ve heard people at TradingPartners coming up with tend to be around getting used to the way Office 2007 has completely changed the way all the menu items and buttons appear for no apparent reason.

As far as performance goes obviously Vista needs a lot more resources than XP. So on an identical spec of PC, XP will run faster than Vista. But … When you factor in thc falling costs of IT hardware, I am now getting more performance per $ with a 2007 PC running Vista than I was with a 2004 PC running XP.

And I believe that by having Vista now, we’ll have an operating system that won’t look dated in 2 years time.


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  1. Maybe if all you use is office software, but if you’re a developer – IT’S RANCID!

    Compaq Presario Laptop : about 2 years old:
    cost: 1400
    boot time: about a minute
    XP & Antivirus Memory Foot Print: 180 MB
    Outlook start time: about 10 seconds

    HP Pavillion Laptop : about 1 month old
    cost: 700
    boot time: about a minute
    Vista & Antivirus Memory Print : 640 MB
    Outlook start time: about 20 seconds

    memory = 2GB on both,
    HD and other system features approximately equal

    So, the cost has been cut in half BUT
    memory requirements have quadrupled
    when most laptops still only come with 2GB AND
    it’s no faster to boot, and some applications
    are even slower – especially when it starts swapping virtual memory with it’s new memory handler – a Java IDE that wouldn’t lock before on a moderate size codebase on XP just freezes for over 15 seconds on Vista.

    I’m sorry, but when system requirements almost quadruple, unless costs decrease by at least 75%, system performance per dollar is not even on par with XP!

    I should also point out that I spent more than a full day uninstalling all the HP crap, uninstalling all the new widget & aero features, killing every auto-start I could find (including registry searches), and manually disabling each service I could disable and then setting each service that might be needed, but not at boot time, to manual. And still, the memory footprint, before the anti-virus install, was more than three times XP. To do nothing!

    That’s why I primarily use Mac now. (The power of Unix when you need it, and the power of a windows-based interface that actually works with almost zero-configuration on a new product install when you don’t.)

    Trust the doctor on this one.
    Vista belongs in the Trash!

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