Blogging: Reading vs Writing

Blogging started for me about in the middle of 2006. I’d finally “got” all this Web 2.0 stuff about user-generated content, blogs and wikis. I was trying to convince my CEO at the  time that he should start a blog. His riposte: “Why don’t you try one?”

So here I am something over a year later, and, I can tell you, it’s been great:

  • It’s got me in touch with a number of interesting people I wouldn’t otherwise have met.
  • It’s given me the opportunity to clarify my ideas, purely through the process of writing them down and debating them.
  • It’s flattered my ego to see my Technorati rank increasing gradually

But I don’t consider myself “a blogger”. I have a day job to do that involves introducing new software products. I deal in things. I contrast this with people whose principle trade is in ideas and for whom the hallowed title of “blogger” is more appropriate.

For me: I write my posts during my commute. (Today I missed a train by 3 minutes: hence the extra time for a super-navel-gazing post). But this time competes with reading time. So I need to balance pontificating (writing, blogging) against learning (reading, listening).

Still, it’s too much fun to stop this blogging once you’ve started. And there is an appropriate balance for me, which on the blogging side means 2 or maybe 3 posts in a week. I hope you enjoy reading them. And please do leave comments, positive or negative.

Anyway, we’re pulling into London Euston now. Gotta go.


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