Go Go Ninja Dinosaur

The friday before Easter (good Friday) is a national holiday in the UK. Seeing as I’m awake anyway and on my laptop, here’s a completely non-work-related post.

It’s great having a friend with good taste in music. Mine came to visit recently and gave us a copy of Colours Are Brighter . This is an album of music for children, but by “proper” bands. With profits going to charidee. It makes a refreshing change from Noddy etc.

It’s got the likes of Four Tet doing a great track called Go Go Ninja Dinosaur. And Belle and Sebastian doing a song about monkeys breaking out of a zoo. And a song about tidying up. And an epic Divine Comedy track about Winnie The Pooh.

Particularly poignantly for me (as I am sure will be for any fathers who work away from home from time to) is Snow Patrol doing a song called “I am an astronaut” which goes like this:

I am an astronaut
I am an astronaut
Daddy’s away and Mum’s asleep and
I am an astronaut

Lucian (coming up to 2 years old) isn’t too keen on Snow Patrol but is a sucker for the Franz Ferdinand track on there, Jackie Jackson.

For those of you who can’t wait to check out the album here is the cute animation for (a shortened version of) Go Go Ninja Dinosaur.

(On a slightly more adult note, he also got me Burial’s 2nd album which is also excellent – like DJ Shadow does UK Garage)


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