Reverse Auction workshop updates

I’ve been doing Reverse Auction workshops for CIPS (UK equivalent of ISM) for quite some time. These cover general issues in running a successful reverse auction and a fun game that is designed to show buyers the differences between English (aka descending bid), Japanese (aka descending clock) and Weighted (aka multi attribute) auctions.

Yesterday I did the first one of these events hosted by TradingPartners at our London office. It was a good session so we’ll be doing these workshops every month.

If you’re a bit sceptical about what a good reverse auction can do for you, or if you’ve only ever seen a reverse English price-only auction then there’s going to be something interesting in it for you. It’s also a good opportunity to network with buyers from other industries and to share reverse auction experiences with other buyers.

So far in the diary we’ve got 15th May and 19th June (both start at 9am in TradingPartners’ London office). Send a mail to me or check and look for “free Understanding eAuctions workshop” for more details.




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