On Twitter

How better to kick off a tech blog than to talk about Twitter. The site we love and hate and love to hate.

I’m on Twitter now (follow me), have been for a comparatively short while. I enjoy it. The initial impetus was so I could easily keep my wife updated during the working day while I am abroad but it’s soon given me way more than this. I have already connected with a handful of like-minded people – which is great. I only tweet about once a day or so.

Regarding the scaling – amongst all the hyperbole, people seem to forget that this stuff is quite hard to do in real life. And you always need to be addressing your bottleneck. (Get one bottleneck out the way and another will turn up to bite you. It’s a basic law of software). And without being on the inside you have no way of knowing what is really going on. And, dare I say it, how confident someone is about their proposed software architecture bears little or no relationship to how well it will work in real life.



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