Domain name rant update

A few days ago I posted my views that domain names are too cheap. Here’s an article from Mashable which is also bemoaning the ease and prevalence of domain squatting out there.

While doing some research on various Wikis out there, I’ve found that a company called the Information Superbrand (check out the whois info here) registered the domain, as well as over two hundred various **** domain names, such as or In some cases, a domain wasn’t available so they just used subdomains, for example

Mashable doesn’t offer any viable solutions beyond “I think it sucks” and “it strikes me as wrong.” The comment string similarly doesn’t offer any analysis beyond indignation at the problem.

Wise up suckers. The only way anything will get done with this domain mess is if they become too expensive to register.


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One response to “Domain name rant update”

  1. Do you know of any way to track whois data over time? I.e. a tool that will let you see who registered a website when, and when and if the whois data has changed on it?

    I’m looking for a tool that would let me take something like, and be able to see (for example) that it was first registered on blah date by blah people, then was transferred to blah servers and then again to blah with a different name, etc.

    The data itself is all freely available, so it would seem that someone can do this or has done this.

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