Procurement Blogs I’m reading

Here are the procurement blogs I have on my current reading list

These are without a doubt the top 2 blogs in the space. Top 2 in terms of quality and quantity. Read these blogs first; anything of burning significance will end up on one of these two sooner or later.

Blogs allied to a particular vendor/service provider.

General supply chain commentary

Other specialist blogs (dare I call them niche?)

Ones that I enjoyed but seem to have tailed off in recent months. Watch them if they come back

The various magazines also have their own blogs/RSS feeds. I distinguish between a blog which by its nature is more immediate and informal and an RSS feed of magazine articles. The blogs in my list right now are:

From what I can tell S&DC Exec and CPO Agenda don’t (yet) offer blogs.




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6 responses to “Procurement Blogs I’m reading”

  1. Alan,

    Thanks for the plug. This list is quite comprehensive, though Michael’s wins the award for listing the absolute universe of blogs in the space. BTW … Part of the idea behind Spend Matters Navigator (new version forthcoming in July) is to catalog useful resources in one place. It’s not 100% complete, but at this point, I still use it as my top starting place for research. Major enhancements due out soon, though!

  2. Alan,
    Thanks for listing us. We’re going to be adding you to our blogroll shortly as we launch an application off our blog platform. I like the ‘niche’ description. It keeps us on the down-low. I hope to meet you in person soon!

  3. Doc, Charles, Jason, Lisa thanks for stopping by. Lisa – it was with great trepidation that I used the n-word (niche) having seen your posting on metal miner about the niche-ness or not of your blog. Though I guess the corollarly of something being “niche” or “specialist” is that it is focussed.

    Doc – my word what a list.

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