Wordle: A bit of fun

Wordle.net is a fun utility that picks out the most significant words in blocks of text (e.g. documents or web pages or RSS feeds). Like an automated tag cloud generator.  FYI I picked it up from this posting: http://www.fastforwardblog.com/2008/07/07/transparent-and-explicit/

Here are Wordle pages for some supply chain blogs:

Spend Matters
Spend Matters
SpendMatters. Lots of talk about Suppliers, Controls, Leveraged, Research but perhaps lay off the Metal Miner plugs for a while 🙂
Sourcing Innovation
Sourcing Innovation

Plenty of talk about Challenges, Sourcing, Execution and Johnson (again – see Spend Matters)

e-Sourcing Forum
e-Sourcing Forum

And of course, mine:

e-Sourcing Place
e-Sourcing Place
Yikes! About time I started banging on about reverse auctions again methinks.


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