I Wrote a Software Part III: A Solution

In parts 1 and 2 I outlined the challenges I see on a daily basis with people trying to collaborate with Excel and how I’ve written some software with a view to improving things a bit.

Here is what I have working right now. You send an email with two Excel files attached that people have been working on and you get emailed back to you a result that could be:

  • The differences between the files
  • The two files merged together
  • The two files stitched together

It works with XLSX or XLSM files.


If you send two files to “diffs” it will send you a file showing the differences between two Excels


If you send two files to “merges” then it will combine the cell values from the second spreadsheet into the first spreadsheet. This is useful where you have for example one excel with loads of questions in and you have different people answering different questions within the one excel. You can use this tool to merge together all their changes.

  • In the body of the email you should include one line that says Concat or Replace. Concat will concatenate (join together) the values in two differing cells. Replace will replace the value in the first sheet with any different values from the second sheet. (Any values that are present only in the first sheet will be untouched).
  • In the body of the email you can also include one line with a cell reference in e.g. Sheet1!A6. If you include this then the style of that cell will be used to colour code any changes that were made.


If you send to “stitches” then the system will take new rows from the second sheet and stitch them to the bottom of the first sheet. This is useful if you have a spreadsheet with a different company on each row and you have different people contacting different companies for updates. Any information in additional columns will get stitched into a sensible place.

What about future plans?

I have some thoughts around an opinionated way of enabling collaboration across different Excel users using what I’ve called XF functions. Essentially these are special functions that are processed on the server side based on the values in a range of other spreadsheets. Watch this space for more updates on these features.

Assuming there is sufficient interest then the commercial model will be based on a monthly subscription which allows you a certain number of credits per month. A diff costs 1 credit, merges and stitches cost more.

I’m opening this up as an alpha right now so if you would like to give it a go please mail alpha at elevenfortyfive dot com and I will add you.




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