In-Person vs Remote

I’m seeing a lot of debate about whether it is right for a company to be in-person, hybrid or remote. There are examples of successful companies in both camps. It’s nonsense to claim that there is one optimal way of organising.

Based on what I’ve seen over the years, people I’ve talked to, and even a survey we did at a company I was once in, I’m pretty confident that the ‘in-person’ vs ‘remote’ debate is more about the sort of person you are and where you are in your life/career. Here are a few examples:

Prefers In-PersonPrefers Remote
Lives alone or in a small flatshareHas a young family and a garden
Short commuteLong commute
Prefers informal chats / brainstormingPrefers written communication
Feels that they get the most out of people if they are togetherValues being able to access talent wherever it is in the world
Relatively junior / needs guidanceHas pre-existing relationships with co-workers / knows the ropes



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