eAuction Design: eWorld Purchasing & Supply 2008

I’m doing a talk about eAuction design Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th Feb at eWorld Purchasing & Supply 2008. It will be based on some of the content I’ve been preaching at CIPS branches up and down England but in addition I will be sharing 5 tips you can use to make your eAuctions more effective. Hope to be able to meet some of you there: 11.05am. Session F.

At the same time BravoSolution are taking a public sector focus to e-sourcing and there are a couple of sessions flying the green flag.

Other talks that look quite intesting from an e-sourcing perspective:

  • Zycus will hopefully let us  know how far they have simplified e-sourcing.
  • SAP (well, Frictionless) are doing a closing session on the 13th

Plus the predictable green-tinged presentations. Hopefully they will come up with something more interesting than “you can save money and be green at the same time by using less packaging”.