Procuri: Another One Bites The Dust

Jason over at Spend Matters has the big story on Ariba buying Procuri.

I remember when Ariba bought (sorry, merged with) Freemarkets. My initial reaction at the time was that a major competitor (Freemarkets) was now going to be bigger and stronger than ever. But in reality everything that Freemarkets had to offer disappeared, as if Freemarkets had never existed. Ariba continued to sell software as if nothing had happened and the old Freemarkets products and services ceased to exist.

I wonder how far Ariba will go in obliterating all memory of Procuri. How much of Procuri’s TotalSource will find its way into Ariba’s toolset? My guess is not much. Procuri’s software is reasonable but I doubt any of their kit is streets ahead of Ariba, who also have software covering roughly the same space. Will Procuri be re-branded as a mini-Ariba and kept as a separate entity, or will it just disappear into a puff of marketing?

Whatever, these are exciting times. Thanks to Jason for spreading the news!!