The Great Firewall Of China and Procurement Blogs

The Great Firewall of China strikes back.

I was in China last week of September – on the 25th of September I was able to edit my blog but as of 26th September WordPress blogs were not editable from inside China. You could still read them via WordPrexy (a handy tool developed in Turkey where similar issues exist), but there was no way I could find out to edit. This was particularly upsetting to my colleague who has recently moved out there and who I was encouraging to start blogging about his experiences living and working in Shanghai.

Other blogs I could or could not get to from Shanghai, FYI: NOT ACCESSIBLE (though the magazine is) ACCESSIBLE NOT ACCESSIBLE ACCESSIBLE NOT ACCESSIBLE ACCESSIBLE

Having said all this – I could edit WordPress on 25th but not on 26th – so it appears that the situation changes day by day.

Another notable site you can’t access from inside China: Wikipedia.



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