Amazon Kindle doesn’t sound like a winner

Amazon’s new Kindle device has ignited a large amount of opinion, much of it negative. A good summary is:

As ever, Fake Steve has an entertaining take that is a bit close to the bone:
Yet has still managed respectable sales, according to the BBC:

The Economist, disappointingly, are hedging their bets. They recall the naysayers at the time of the iPod’s launch in 2001, whose criticisms are eerily similar to comments on the Kindle.

But back in 2001 people already had mp3 players and had been through portable tape players, portable CD players, even portably minidisc players. People could easily understand the point of a better-looking mp3 player. Amazon is targeting a market in a much more incipient state than the market for portable music was back in 2001.

So, despite not even having seen the damn thing for real, I will remain on the Grinch side of the fence. Bezos’ investment in seems to me to be a better bet than his punt on the Kindle.
(* disclosure: I don’t even own an iPod).



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