Consumerisation of Business eAuction Technologies

For those struggling with lacklustre take-up of eAuction software in their organisations, take note.

One answer is to use a trusted third party to manage your eAuctions in an open and transparent way. But then I would say that, I work for TradingPartners, a firm which does precisely this.

But for those of you flogging the self-service software horse. I bet you that if you could make your eAuction software more fun and compelling you would get better results. Make the software be something that your users would actually want to use. Take some cues from the consumer space rather than looking just rehashing the same old tired “enterprise” or “B2B” bullshit. Have a look at this site for instance which is probably the most fun of all the eAuction software I have seen out there. I bet you it will only take 10 mins for you to work out how the auctions work.

The auction technology that Jellyfish uses is nothing new. It’s just a Forward Dutch auction. (Forward Dutch auctions work well when you are trying to sell something. Reverse Dutch auctions on the internet are a mess. Please remember the difference). But the implementation is very entertaining. As are the frills they’ve built around the auction mechanism. For example: calling a set of auctions “a show”, having people guess where the price will end, etc.

If you do have an interest in eAuction technology do give Jellyfish 10 minutes of your time. It’s very entertaining and quite compelling. And probably a little instructive.

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