Inspiring Apps: Deadline

Today I love Deadline (

They’ve taken on one feature and implemented it really, really well.

You simply type in your calendar item using one box (e.g. lunch with john tomorrow 1pm). It then parses out the date and time and sends you email reminders.

The web user interface is brilliant. It really does invite you to enter your calendar items. Not sure what it is about the UI, but I think it’s something to do with the big typeface and the little flash you get as the screen updates with your new entry.

But even better – you don’t need to use the web UI at all. You can send your invites in by IM and receive updates by email. I am a big fan of apps that don’t need you to log into a website every time you want to do something. And I am a big fan of leveraging email more in apps.

Thank you, Alex Young.


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