eAuctions in the news

Always good to see some  (positive) coverage of eAuctions in the trade press. Here’s an article from Purchasing.com about BlueBird’s use of eAuctions. For non-US readers, Blue Bird make those iconic yellow N. American school buses.

Blue Bird procurement uses an e-auction tool to help consolidate the company’s supply base and transform purchasing.

Whose e-Auction tool? TradingPartners’, of course!

But you have to read the article carefully to get the full story. On the one hand Purchasing says

In the year since he assumed his current post with the bus manufacturing company, Marshall has used an e-auction tool of Trading Partners in Chicago to negotiate pricing with suppliers of safety supplies, crib supplies, corrugated packaging and office supplies. While the lowest bidder doesn’t necessarily get the contract—quality and delivery are equally important criteria, he says—the tool has helped to reduce costs in some spend categories by 30%.

Read this paragraph and you’d get the impression that Blue Bird bought a license to use a piece of software to run their auctions on.

But later on Purchasing says

Marshall, who has more than 30 years experience working in purchasing in the auto industry, views Trading Partners, which has conducted more than 20 e-auction events for Blue Bird, as an extension of his purchasing team and sought its expertise when analyzing the company’s spending. Blue Bird’s database is huge—there are approximately 30,000 part numbers on an average bus.

In other words – it’s the service that Blue Bird has bought into, not just the software.

This is an important distinction.

If you buy software for your e-auctions (which may well be pretty cheap), then unless you have some pretty dedicated people on board, you will struggle to achieve the adoption levels you hoped for. Strategic Sourcing (and, by extension, Auctions) is a very different beast to processing purchase orders. Strategic Sourcing is much more of a “Barely Repeatable Process”, to use Sig’s phrase than the kinds of “Easily Repeatable Process” that ERP-biased software houses build their software around.

So, until some BRP-style software for eAuctions turns up you should consider carefully whether what you really need is the software, or whether what you really need are the results. If it’s results you are after then think seriously about buying the service rather than just buying the software.


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